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About Xtream Clean

When your sewer pipes smell bad, make noise or get plugged, you give us a call
We at Xtream Clean Högtrycksspolning AB take pride in always delivering to customers. We are a group of employees who enjoy working together and that means we deliver what the customer wants. During the years we have been around, we have built up extensive experience in the renovation and maintenance of sewage systems, which means that today we feel very secure with our knowledge.

We are used to holding on to bigger projects and if we do not have the knowledge or technology ourselves to solve a problem, we take help from our colleagues in the industry. We always put the customer’s satisfaction before our own business because it is in the way you build a long-term relationship and get a prosperous company.

We are a company that values diversity (we speak a variety of languages in our company) and our employees come from many parts of the world. With us, personal qualities are the most important and knowledge and experience come from the employees developing together.

Our Services

Xtream Clean provides services for everything involving cleaning of pipes!
Pipe services for a longer lasting life.

We provide a range of pipe services and solve your problem before they occur. We provide services as high pressure heated water flushing, sewer flushing, maintenance flushing, pipe inspection and root cutting.
To keep your costs down, we aim to work proactively but we solve urgent matters also.

hetvattenspolning i västerås - XtreamClean

High pressure hot water flushing

Grease or frozen pipes is not a problem for us. We use high pressure and 110-degree water to clean your pipes.

Avloppsspolning & avloppsrensning i Stockholm - XtreamClean

Sewer Flushing

Bad smell, noise or plugged sewer pipes will be as new with a flushing.

underhållsspolning - xtreamclean västerås

Maintenance flushing

Problems with your pipes can easily be avoided with a returning maintenance flushing every 3 years.

rörinspektion i västerås - XtreamClean

Pipe inspection

If you would like to avoid problems in the future or if you have returning problems a pipe inspection could be a good first step. We inspect your pipes and see if there are any problems or coming problems.

rotskärning i västerås - XtreamClean

Root Cutting

Roots from trees sometimes comes into the pipes and block them. By cutting the pipes clean from roots we make sure that your problems disappear.

mekanisk fräsning i västerås - XtreamClean


To ensure that your system work according to your wishes we sometimes need to use a grinding method. This will remove hardened material. This will create a better flow in your system.

kartering - Xtream Clean


Old drawings and description over your pipe system might be incorrect and therefore will they not help you. We film your system and create new and updated drawings.

Relining stamspolning - XtreamClean relining stockholm


Relining is a trenchless technology where we build a new pipe system inside the old one. That means faster and more efficient than the traditional way of changing your pipes.

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…we speak Swedish, English, Spanish, Finish, Arabic, French, Syriac, Swahili and Italian!

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